// Water electrolysis and system concepts

ZSW benefits from its many years of experience in the design, dimensioning, installation, commissioning and pilot operation of electrolysis plants and also has expertise in data evaluation for these plants. The department currently operates an alkaline pressure electrolysis system and a PEM pressure electrolyser that uses either direct gas application or a pressure buffer. A new test bench also provides even more methods to test electrolysis blocks and individual system components.

Range of services

  • Development of our own electrolysis block concepts and the corresponding manufacturing processes
  • Development of electrolysis systems and concepts for operation and safety
  • Development of concepts for the installation and integration of electrolysis systems
  • Development of specifications for tendering
  • Performance and evaluation of measurements using electrolysis components on our own test benches
  • Performance and evaluation of measurements on electrolysis systems
  • Identification of the potential for optimisation
  • Supervision of the construction and commissioning of electrolysis systems


  • Alkaline pressure electrolysis system, 320 kWN , 6–11 bar
  • PEM pressure electrolyser 1.8 kWN, 1–30 bar at PN
  • Alkaline block test bench, 1 cell, 2–20 cell blocks, max. 6.000 cm2 electrode area, 3–16/ 25 bar, 0–5.000 ADC, 1–50 VDC max.


Andreas Brinner
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