// Technical monitoring

ZSW has extensive expertise in the field of technical monitoring, which encompasses monitoring of many decentralised energy systems with low power outputs (e.g. combined heat and power in the domestic energy supply) and centrally-installed power systems with industrial megawatt outputs. Some of the highlights of this work include the scientific supervision of the flagship Callux project concerning the preparation of fuel cell heating units for market launch and also the technical monitoring of Audi’s 6 MW Power-to-Gas plant in Werlte. As part of the monitoring process, ZSW provides technical expertise in the development of concepts, supports the production of basic calculations, defines the required measurement points and creates data transfer concepts. ZSW has a comprehensive IT infrastructure that ensures the efficient collection and processing of data. As part of the reporting process, the data is analysed and this analysis forms the basis of recommendations for process optimisation.


Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Steiert
+49 711 78 70-257

Range of services

  • Development of concepts for plant monitoring
  • Recording existing data and measurements
  • Data processing and evaluation
  • Reporting and analysis of recommendations for process optimisation
  • Reporting and analysis of recommendations for process optimisation


  • IT expertise for data transmission