// Target qualification

ZSW also tests sputter targets (e.g.  ZnO:Al2O3 targets) from various manufacturers for the use in large industrial plants. A standard method is used for the preconditioning of the targets, which are then tested up to high power levels. The sputtering quality is tested with regard to their tendency for arc formation, target pitting, and the attained film quality. Parameter variations (pressure, performance etc.) and film characterisation are performed according to the customer's specifications. Optionally, the films are characterised in complete film systems, as e.g. in solar cells.


Type PK500 cathode targets (488 mm x 88 mm)


  • In-line sputtering systems for substrates up to 30 x 30 cm2
  • Experimental plants for sputtering, evaporation, and plasma CVD for substrates up to 10 x 10 cm2


Dual magnetron configuration for reactive deposition

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