// Modelling and simulation

The institute performs both design engineering and electrochemical modelling of fuel cell components, stacks and systems with commercial and in-house simulation methods. Crucial verifications of simulation results are carried out by means of experiments under realistic conditions using hardware that provides important information. The investigations available range from microscopic processes such as water distribution in gas diffusion systems (including MPL) and catalyst layers (Monte Carlo modelling (MC)) and macroscopic processes (CFD and FEM simulations) through to the design of complete systems (IPSE-Pro, Matlab-Simulink).

Potential topics:

  • Simulation of fuel cells flow fields and components, including Full cell modeling and multi-phase studies (CFD), Monte Carlo (MC)
  • Description of fuel cells with mathematical models
  • Analysis of components and assemblies with CFD and FEM
  • Modeling of the influence of operating conditions and pollutant gases
  • Design of complete systems (Ipse-Pro, Matlab-Simulink)

Facilities (Hard and Software):

  • Professional workstations (8-24 Cores Intel Xeon, up to 128 GB main memory) and rack-based computer-cluster (> 170 cores, total over 1.6 TB main memory)
  • ANSYS FLUENT, inkluding "User Defined Functions" and "Fuel Cell Modules"
  • Solid Edge Simulation
  • MATLAB Simulink
  • IPSEpro


Dr. Joachim Scholta
+49 731 9530-206

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