// Fuel cell stack designs

Fuel cell stacks in ZSW design

Our expertise in stack design is reflected in the variety of application-specific designs we offer. They differ in terms of the active surface area per cell and also with regard to their bipolar plate concept, pressure drop and operating temperature range. In each case, the stacks have a high specific output and can be operated safely and reliably within the prescribed wide operating ranges.

At ZSW, designs with an active surface area of between 50 and 560 cm2 are available. If necessary, they can be adapted to special customer requirements.

Customized fuel cell stacks development

If requested by the customer, prototypes can be manufactured and tested both for existing designs and designs developed at ZSW.

Please see the enclosed list of the Prototypes available at ZSW.


Dr. Joachim Scholta
+49 731 9530-206

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