// Mission Statement

Energy with a future

Energy is crucial for progress and prosperity. It drives innovation and is itself the subject of innovation. The general principle of climate neutrality is inextricably linked to the use of renewable energies and increased energy efficiency. The work at the ZSW revolves around the development of eco-friendly technologies in photovoltaics and wind energy, batteries for electric vehicles and stationary applications, and also hydrogen – from generation by means of electrolysis right through to its use in fuel cells or further processing into synthetic energy sources. We also work on technical and economic concepts for their integration into energy systems. Prototypes and good designs will become products in the process of transferring the know-how to industry. We are also active in the political world and in the social arena in delivering analyses and recommendations for the successful implementation of the energy transition.

Science is our power

We are among the leading research institutions in our respective fields, allowing us to compete at international level and achieve success in developing a range of key technologies and rolling them out in the marketplace. Linking the disciplines of science, engineering and economics is central to the work at the ZSW.

Innovation is our strength

As an industry-oriented research institute, we pave the way for new technologies to enter the market. We cover the entire value-added chain, from material science, prototype development and production processes right through to application systems, quality tests and market analyses. This breadth of expertise from a single source is a major key to success for our partners in the business world.

Quality is our watchword

The satisfaction of our customers and partners is our top priority. As an independent institute, we can respond with speed and flexibility. We take pride in the quality of our services, our adherence to budget stipulations and deadlines, and our commitment to confidentiality. Our high standards owe much to our certified quality management.

Teamwork is our bond

The strength of the ZSW is founded on the motivation of our highly qualified and professional employees. Active recognition of each individual, good relations among colleagues, and transparent decision-making processes are all central to our identity.

Environmental protection is our concern

The managers and employees at the ZSW are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. The protection of natural resources, social consensus and economic viability are the criteria on which our technology is based.

Knowledge is our force

The subjects on our research agenda are complex. This is why we seek transparency and neutrality in the way in which we deliver information to the industrial, political and social arenas. Our goal is to facilitate understanding and evaluation of new technologies and, in so doing, win support for their practical application and help shape the energy supply of the future.

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