// Mission Statement

Energy with a future

Energy is crucial for prosperity and development. It drives innovation and is itself the subject of innovation. Renewable energy and increased energy efficiency are an intrinsic part of all economically, ecologically and socially sustainable energy concepts for the future. And this is where ZSW comes in: We research and develop photovoltaics, renewable energy sources (such as hydrogen and methane gas as a natural gas substitute), battery and fuel cell technologies and we conduct economic analyses of energy systems.

Science with a clear aim

We are among the leading research institutions in our respective fields, which puts us in a position to develop key technologies and successfully implement them within the economy. Linking the disciplines of science, engineering and economics is at the core of ZSW.

Technology transfer creates jobs

As an industry-oriented research institute, we pave the way for new technologies to enter the market. We cover the entire value chain, from materials research, prototype development and production processes to application systems, quality tests and market analyses. This range of expertise from a single source is a key success factor for our partners in the business world.

Quality for our customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As an independent institute, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly. We take pride in the quality of our services, our adherence to budget stipulations and deadlines, as well as our professional treatment of confidential information. Our high standards owe much to our certified quality management.

Motivated team players

Our performance is founded on the motivation and high level of professional qualification of all our employees. Active recognition of each individual, collegial interaction and transparent decision-making processes are central elements of our identity.

Committed to the whole

The management and employees at ZSW are committed to sustainable development. As such, the criteria of our technological development are the protection of natural resources, social consensus and economic viability.

Unbiased provision of information

The issues we tackle are complicated. They span various industries, which is why we deliver transparent, neutral information to the economic, political and social arenas. Our reports facilitate understanding and evaluation of new technologies, which leads to support for their implementation and a greener energy supply for the future.